Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Falling Behind

It's December 7th and I am wayyyy behind schedule. A few gifts have been purchased. Nothing is wrapped. The gingerbread house I am dying to assemble is quietly resting at the foot of the stairs waiting to be lathered in frosting and kissed with candies. On the bright side, the Christmas tree is up and cloaked in lights. (That took an entire day and I blame Grace and Charlotte entirely! Put on a strand. Take a break to eat breakfast. Put on a strand. Take a break to change a diaper. Put on a strand. Take a break to nurse Charlotte. You get the drift. I guess most people are done lighting their tree after four or five strands of lights...but not me. I easily put on 20+ strands. What can I say? I like lights!)  And ornaments? I've got all the boxes down from storage and about 5 up on the tree. We tried decorating last night but someone - whose name rhymes with Scarlett - decided that she wanted to be held and bounced...for two hours. That quickly killed tossing on the Christmas carols, opening a bottle of wine and hanging up the ornaments. We are going to give it another try tonight. And don't even get me started on Christmas cards. They are merely a lofty goal safely anchored out on the horizon. They are coming people. I promise. We just had the photo session with the photographer today (I am beyond exhausted!) where I had the girls pose together in their matching Christmas dresses. Charlotte, the happiest, smiliey-est baby ever, cried the entire time while Grace decided that smiling was against her religion. In other words, we might have to go to "plan b" in regards to what will be gracing the cover of our cards this year. If you get one from us and it has a picture of Lindey and Lucky with Santa hats on - you'll know why.

Anyway, I just can't seem to tackle my never-ending-holiday-edition-to-do list.  I am falling behind - way behind - like off-the-wagon behind. (Perfect time to blog, right?) Please tell me I'm not the only one? Please? Pretty please?

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The Gimlins said...

Rest assured you are not the only one. I just keep reminding myself that I want to be the kind of mom who makes Christmas a magical time for her family, not a time of too much stress and busyness. So maybe the decorations aren't all up, the cookies aren't baked and the presents aren't wrapped, but those things can wait while we watch Rudolph on the couch as a family and read the story of Jesus' birth to Kendry over and over again. (He is all about books these days.)

Have a great Christmas!