Monday, December 20, 2010

Look Who's Snuggling?

Grace is DEFINITELY starting to take an interest in Charlotte.
In fact, she's Charlotte's biggest advocate.
Graces lets me know if Charlotte needs a blankie or a binky or
if Charlotte has lost a sock or a snap or button has come undone.
Grace is excellent at letting me know what the contents Charlotte's dirty diaper are and
Grace even likes to direct Charlotte's routine - changing it from playmat to swing, etc. 

Lately, she's been fond of snuggling up with Charlotte on the playmat.
She does steal Charlotte's blankie here but in Grace's mind she's just as effective at keeping her little sister warm. Either that, or she's just a typical older sister taking all that is hers and what's not hers as well. Luckily, Charlotte is pretty go-with-the-flow - so far!
Things should heat up in a few months when Charlotte is mobile!
Then the soap-opera-type-sibling-rivalry-dramas begin! 
(Hopefully, over books and legos and not boys!)
Stay tuned!

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