Friday, December 4, 2009

Post Birthday Review

It was a good one folks! Thank you to all the friends and family who called, emailed, texted or Facebooked me to wish me a Happy Birthday. It was fun catching up with you or reading your funny emails. One friend in particular reminded me of all the "crazy" sleepovers we had when we were kids and that made me smile. I vividly remember those parties but at the same time it feels like a lifetime ago. My body may look and feel like that of a 31 year old but in my heart and mind I really feel like the same person that I was at 16. Is that crazy? Anyway, I am slowly in the process of calling, emailing, texting or facebooking you back but we got our Christmas tree on Wednesday. That means I spent ALL day yesterday stringing the lights. (What took so long you ask? Well, I really like lights. I think there are about 20 strands (350 lights per strand - you do the math) of lights on our tree. And because of the way they make the strands these days - where you can only link three together before you blow a fuse - you need PHDs in both physics and electrical engineering in order to supply your tree with power. AND I may have put about 3-5 strings on backwards meaning that when I went to plug in that particular grouping of lights, the "male" end of the light strand was at the top on three and the "female" end was "unpluggable inable" down at the bottom. OOPS! Like I said, you need a PHD in holiday decorating.) Anyway, I was so consumed by the project that I didn't even take a shower. Yes, that is what the holidays do to me folks. I get a bit "consumed" if you will!

On deck for this weekend, a gingerbread house! My first attempt ever! I am hoping to make it a new family tradition. Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated!

While in the rush of trying to get out the door to head up to Yakima for my birthday dinner, I couldn't resist getting a picture of Grace. These aren't the best pictures because she was IN LOVE with her shiny, black-patent-leather Mary Janes. She kept running (and falling) all over the house staring at her feet. These are the best I could snap and that is not saying much.

Thank you again for the birthday wishes. I definitely felt LOTS of birthday love!