Friday, December 18, 2009

GMA vs Today

Have your heard? Good Morning America has had a TOTAL makeover. No more Charlie Gibson. So long Diane Sawyer. Hello George Stephanaopololoos or however you say it/spell it. Yes, GMA has a whole new cast and crew.

Personally, I can't stand Diane Sawyer. I feel like she talks down to everybody and her voice is SO ANNOYING. I think I have a personal grudge against Diane Sawyer because she replaced Joan Lunden (who I LOVED) after she (Joan Lunden) was fired for being too fat! Yes, that's right. Joan Lunden was fired for being TOO FAT!! ( the tabloids say...) Ever since Joan Lunden left, I've been a devoted Today show watcher. I fell in love with Katie Couric (even with her short hair and teeth too big for her mouth) and I especially loved her when she lost her husband and sister all in the same year. BUT THEN SHE UP AND LEFT leaving me with the horribly loud and often times, tactless, Meredith Viera. While still light years ahead of Diane Sawyer, (that should just help you better understand how much I don't care for Ms. Sawyer) Meredith still gets on my nerves every-single-morning. And don't get me started on Anne Curry. UGH. Matt Lauer is what keeps me devoted to NBC at this point.

So now GMA has wiped out all the familiar faces and added a bunch of new ones. So that brings me to this question - do you GMA or Today? And because of this sudden change, will you switch networks to get your morning fix of news...and let's face it....gossip?


Penny said...

I am SO in agreement about Sawyer, Viera and Curry. Can't stand any of them..........Love Natalie and Amy and Lester!!!!!! Today is the morning show at our house.

Anonymous said...

Today for sure. Despite the fact I want to sock Ann at least once while watching...and don't get me started on Willard...

The.Emo.Pirates(: said...

which one is you in that picture?

T.C.+ M. said...

GMA all the way!
How could you hate Diane? Now I get to watch her on the World News!

garon said...

How do you feel about Nancy Grace?

Risley said...

really? this is the first post I read on your site?
ugh, I question everyday I am home what to watch??
Im really not a big fan of either right now..
I hope the NEW cast is a cast I can love.. well see!

Home Sweet Home Place said...

Oh it has cracked me up to see how you have all responded to this post!

Penny - couldn't agree with you more. Amy and Lester are great. However, I still resent Natalie for losing all her baby weight in about 30 seconds. Just for that, I can never like her.

I LOL'd when Anonymous said she wanted to sock Ann at least once a show. How can you contain yourself at only once?!?!?!

AND TC+M - I'm disappointed in you! :) You are nearly perfect but for the fact that you like Sayer and GMA. hehe

Garon - DON'T GET ME STARTED ON NANCY GRACE! She is the epitome of why I hate lawyers...well there are a few other reasons...

and finally Risley - welcome! Thanks for your comment! This week has been especially painful as Matt Lauer is on vacation. I haven't even tried GMA yet. Have you? Any thoughts?