Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Christmas and the handful of days leading up to Christmas were spent in Idaho at my parent's house. They live along the river so there are often visitors in the backyard.  You may remember the skunk incident? This time we were graced by a mama deer and her baby. They were magnificent! Quiet, peaceful, regal and HUNGRY! They cleaned out the bird feeders and the rose bushes.

You can't imagine how close they came up to the house. It was like a private viewing at the zoo.

While Grace showed little interest in the Christmas tree (thank god!) she did show some interest in the presents under the tree.

You have to wait 'till tomorrow Grace!

She must have been excited because she barely slept that night. We were up early on Christmas Day -  not by choice.

A quick pic before we head downstairs to see if Santa came!


Grace opening her first gift...or trying to. She didn't quite catch on until the very end that there were goodies inside each beautifully wrapped package. A pretty bow seemed more than enough to her!

Each and every present she opened got a kiss. We think that means she liked it!

Santa even brought her a pair of skateboarding shoes...what every one year old needs, right?!

Her thoughts exactly!

One of the least likely contenders for best-gift-received....

....a pink elephant bookend.

He received a lot of ...err...extra-special attention.

In fact, Grace was enraptured with just about every gift. It was amazing how much attention she showed to each present! We think it was her way of telling Santa thank you!

Overall, the bows were the BIG winner!


Megan said...

EEEEEEE heeee heeeee!!!! I LOVE the one where she's kissing the gift! So cute! Looks like Christmas was a hit! That Santa knows what's up. Paige loved all the bows too. As my Dad said "If you like it then you'd better put a bow on it..." (he got all Beyonce on us).

Shannon said...

Katie you look great! I can't believe how big Grace is getting, man she's cute.

Denise said...

your daughter is adorable!
you should go to and register for a chance to win a free bow of your choice...