Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grace's Real Birthday

Grace's first birthday party was held a few days prior to her actual birthday. On her real birthday, she sported a t-shirt from Great Grandma that had a big one on it in rhinestones. She loooooved it! She kept stopping dead in her tracks so she could feel the bumps on her tummy.

After a morning of eye appointments (for me and Court) we all went to lunch at Gasperetti's where Grace received her first Gasperett's birthday dessert. Court growing up went to Gasperetti's for his birthday and they would always write a special message on his dessert plate. Well, the tradition lives on....

Not exactly sure what that squiggly thing is supposed to be but...

We took a few pictures by Grace's tree. While Grace has changed significantly since the six month picture with the tree, I can't say that her tree looks that much different.

I still can't believe she is 1! Through out the day, I kept telling Court... last year at this time, we were driving to the hospital....last year at this time, my labor pains were starting to get pretty bad...last year at this time I was HUGE...Last year at this time, I had just received The Epidural and was comfortably watching Monday Night Football completely unaware that I was about to give birth in a few short hours to an angel.

As the day winded down and I began our nightly routine of getting Grace ready for bed, I started recounting all the things we did that day and I told Grace once more how I hoped that she had had a very special birthday. As I was giving her a bottle in our rocking chair, I realized that she will never be one again. She will never by MY baby again. And while I know we still have countless moments and memories to share, my heart does ache just a bit that my baby is no more. In her place, a lively, busy, curious, happy, beautiful toddler now stands. It's amazing and a bit heart breaking all at the same time.

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Megan said...

This post is has left me in tears. What a special birthday. I'm dreading the day. I'll be so happy for her, but it's just a bittersweet feeling of the end of LITTLE babyhood. We spend so long anticipating their arrival and the next thing you know, they are running around! It goes so fast it seems unfair. I laughed at your squiggly thing comment on the dessert's a balloon right? I can see it looks else though.