Monday, December 21, 2009

BIG December Weekend

With two birthdays (three if you count my sister's) AND Christmas all in the same month, each weekend in December is action packed. With Grace's birthday and my birthday both under our belt, I thought we'd have at least one weekend before Christmas to relax.

I was wrong.

We had yet to see Santa and for our family that requires a trip to Seattle.

On Saturday morning, we woke up early- REALLY early - to drive to Seattle. Multiple alarms were set for 3:30 in the morning. Why did we wake up so early to drive all the way to Seattle you ask. Court's company Christmas party was the night before AND we wanted to attend the Seattle Symphony's Tiny Tots performance that started at 9:30 am. We live THREE HOURS from Seattle so you do the math.

 Grace was a total trooper at the holiday party on Friday night.

All dressed up and out WAAAAAY passed her bedtime,
we thought she would sleep soundly until our 3:30am wake up call. 

Wrong. Again.

She was up at 2:30 am and wouldn't go back to sleep. Here she is all dressed up for the Symphony at home in our kitchen.

Grace's waking up early was a bit of a blessing disguise. She was able to eat a little breakfast before we got in the car. I think the darkness, combined with a full tummy, allowed her to sleep the entire way to Seattle.

We arrived at Benaroya Hall with time to spare.

Our good friends, Joe and Aimee, joined us at the performance with their 10 week old daughter, Elise.

Dads and Daughters - a beautiful sight!

Although I felt like I was trapped in a Saturday Night Live skit, the performance was great.
Grace LOVED it! Well worth the early wake up call and long drive.

A yummy brunch with friends made it even more worthwhile for Mommy and Daddy!

With full tummies, it was time to Christmas shop! YAY!!

On Sunday morning, Court woke up early (again - poor guy) to go stand in the Santa line.

Grace did pretty well with Santa. I was probably more flustered than her - trying to get her hair just right, her dress straightened out all while dumping her into Santa's lap. Stranger anxiety has been at an all time high in the last few weeks. I could only imagine what she was going to think when she saw a bearded man dressed in red.

It was a long weekend for our Grace.
Even jolly old St. Nick AND a stuffed cow couldn't prevent her from rubbing her eyes.

I don't think she even noticed the enormous man in the red suit.

We even snuck in a few shots with Mommy.

Luckily, I was wearing a red sweater...just in case. 
What a weekend! Now, off to Boise!

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