Sunday, December 6, 2009

Meet Elfie

Elfie came to visit us on December 1st. Apprantly, Santa sent him to keep an eye on Grace. During the day, he perches somewhere in the house and watches over Grace to see if she is naughty or nice. At night, he flies back to the North Pole and gives Santa a full report. After visiting with Santa, he flies back to our house only to relocate somewhere else in the house. It is like a treasure hunt each morning trying to find Elfie!

Elfie would have changed my life as a kid. He may have stopped me from unwrapping and rewrapping all the presents under the tree prior to Christmas day, he might have stopped me from CASING the house every day after school, peering in EVERY hiding place imaginable trying to find any gifts awaiting wrapping and it may have even stopped me from eavesdropping on phone calls between my mom and grandparents discussing their Christmas shopping lists. Yes, I was THAT kid! Hopefully, Elfie can help us keep that part of my genetic make-up dormant in Grace.

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