Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Strong

Boston Strong

I love Boston. Always have. Always will. Boston is where I originally wanted to go to college. I'd never been there but I knew it was my kind of place.  I think the architecture of a city can tell you a lot about the people who live there.

Now, after having been there several times, (blogged about here and here) it is easily my favorite East Coast city. I know I am supposed to love NYC more but I don't. It's too big. Too impersonal. Too... everything. Boston is a big little city. With water and all four seasons. It is historic but modern. It is education at the highest pinnacle. It is walkable and cozy. It is diverse but bound in tradition. It is friendly and helpful. When the bombs went off at the marathon, and bystanders went rushing to help the victims, it didn't surprise me. No where have I been where strangers were so helpful or friendly. Never put out or expecting a slap on the back. It's like it is engrained in their DNA to help.  So it saddens me greatly to see the events unfold this week. 
My thoughts are with you Boston. 
Stay strong. Stay true. Stay you.  


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