Saturday, April 6, 2013


About a month ago, we were lucky enough to travel with Court's parents and Court's brother's family to the British Virgin Islands. If, like me, you have no idea where the BVIs's some help!

It's a bit of a hike from Washington state but the sunshine and swimming quickly made it all worthwhile!

These cousins haven't had too much time together because of living so far apart. They quickly made up for lost time!

The island was full of color...

beautiful flora...

and lots of wonder!

In fact, we visited the Baths which are enormous rocks that line part of the island. The rock formations make enormous caves that the ocean water enters. You can swim and snorkel among the rocks. We opted not to do that because the girls aren't good enough swimmers yet but we did learn that these rock formations served as inspiration for many of the pirate scenes in Peter Pan. Grace and Charlotte just watched Peter Pan for the first time a few weeks before this trip. Perfect timing! Grace had been asking a lot of questions about "Wonderland" - what she calls Never-Neverland. When we told her that these were the caves in Peter Pan she was excited! And from then on she referred to BVI as Wonderland! A completely appropriate name I think!!

We did have a little rain...

but that just made everything that much prettier when it came back out!

It was so nice to relax with family.

Yes that is a wine glass. No she is not drinking wine!
She loves sparkling water!!

I never get tired of looking at the ocean and Court and I even managed an afternoon snorkel!
I hadn't snorkeled in years and had never really had a "successful" snorkel. But this was magnificent! Lots and lots of sea life!

The British Virgin Islands are many and close together which makes them a 
prime boating/sailing destination. 

I think this was both Grace and Charlotte's first boat ride! 
Just a water taxi to a nearby island for lunch but still fun! We even saw a sea turtle!

Neither got sea sick but the rocking motion did put a certain two year old to sleep!

Plenty of walks on the beach and Grace swam in the ocean for the first time. Charlotte, like me, was cool with sitting on the beach!

A beautiful and relaxing vacation no doubt! So lucky to share some R&R with family.

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This looks like paradise! Great pictures.:-)

I have something for you over my way, if you choose to accept.