Thursday, April 11, 2013

UPDATE: I'm Up to My Eyeballs in Crap! Literally!

While sitting outside watching the girls play, I hit the publish button on my last post. It is still on the chilly side here so I ran into the house to get a sweater. We'd been outside for about 45 minutes.  Lindey too! Charlotte immediately announced she wanted to put on a diaper. She's been wearing panties so I immediately knew something was wrong so I scooped her up and quickly ran to the bathroom. She had soiled her underpants. Two steps forward and one back apparently. She'd already had several successful trips to the potty today! But that is why they call it potty training. We cleaned her up and put a diaper back on her because that is what she wanted. And as I headed back outside - sweater in hand - to enjoy some spring sunshine and fresh air, you'll never believe what I came across.

Another Lindey turd! Come on!

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