Friday, April 26, 2013

Treading Water; Barely Afloat

It seems I am finding less and less time to get new posts up these days. There just isn't enough time in the day! To all those people who can't figure out what SAHMs do all them I say we are always busy. Always. And it is exhausting. I think this past week my body has just given out due to pure exhaustion...and probably a little stress.

Last weekend, everything started off great!

Court kicked off Saturday with doughnuts for the girls. They thought they'd died and gone to heaven. Then, they asked to go to work with Dad and I had a few hours to get a few things done.

They worked hard!! Soon it was quittin' time. I picked the girls up and our cousins got new baby chicks, so of course, we had to go see them! Oh they were darling and Grace and Charlotte LOVED them! Wish I could've taken a few pictures but Grace and Charlotte were being a little too affectionate. Grace and Charlotte were even lucky enough to name two of the chicks: Blackberry and Sammy is what they chose!

So like I said, everything was off to a great start. Then, we noticed that Grace was getting dark, purple circles under her eyes. He mood and energy level were off.

On Sunday, Grace woke up with eyes covered in gunk. We thought it might be allergy related but it being Sunday and all, there wasn't much we could do. As the day wore on, she seemed a bit better.  Eventually, we packed both girls in the bike trailer and hauled them on a bike ride. Only my bike is equipped to pull the trailer and on the way was downhill, but on the way was UPHILL - mind you, a very small incline but uphill nonetheless. And let me tell you...these girls aren't getting any lighter and I am not getting any more in shape. An additional 70+/- pounds is enough to make an anthill feel like Everest...unless you actually climbing Everest because then you'll likely be carrying gear weighing much more than 70+ pounds...not to mention oxygen.....Anyway, you get the point. It was a long haul. I was pooped! Lucky for me, we were having dinner at my in-laws so I didn't have to make dinner. Yah-hoo! Both girls were exhausted after a big day so bedtime was a breeze. I think I was asleep even before I hit the pillow.

The next morning, everything went full speed off course. Both girls woke up with eyes practically glued stuck with gunky goodness. It was looking less like allergies and more like pink eye. Perfect. {sigh}

Silver lining. The doctor didn't require us to go into the office. They just called in a prescription and quarantined the girls (and therefore me) for 24 hours from their first dose of medication. That meant no ballet for Grace and Charlotte and no school for Grace the following day. It was a long two days but by Wednesday I thought everyone was on the path to recovery. Their eyes were no longer goopy but their noses were dripping. So we skipped gymnastics and ran some errands instead. We all needed to get out of the house but we needed something leisurely. No stress. After we were done with our errands, the sun came out so I took the girls to the park.

Then we hit the library so that we could kill a little time until Court could meet us for lunch. So far, so good. Fresh air. Leisure. No stress.

Everything was looking up until I started backing head home. Then? Fender Bender. Yup. A little one. Everyone is/was fine and that's all I'm gonna say about that. But for a day where we trying to avoid stress, it definitely found us!

That night, I got hit by flu-like symptoms minus the flu. My whole body ached. I couldn't get warm. I had chills. Sleep was what I needed but unfortunately, that didn't happen.

In the morning, we tried to get back to normal. Grace went to school. Charlotte and I went to the grocery store and ran some other "errands". After lunch, Charlotte took a turn for the worse. She was cranky and tired and kept moaning and crying. I could tell her body hurt just like mine had the night before. Eventually, I gave up on trying to get anything done - cleaning, cooking - (I hadn't accomplished anything the entire week why start now?) - and just held little Charlotte in my arms for two hours. She didn't sleep but she rested. I didn't sleep but I really wanted to. After dinner, my chills and body aches came back hard. I think I took a shower and was in bed by 8. The girls were both asleep so I figured I could hit the hay too.


Charlotte was awake at 9 and though I tried to put her back to bed, Court quickly determined that she was hot to the touch. She was running a fever and it was going to be a loooooonnnng night. She tossed and turned and cried and woke up all through the night. So while little sleep happened, at some point during the night, the fever broke. Me on the other hand,

So here we are. A week later. I'm exhausted. My entire body hurts. I've been treading water - frantically treading water - trying to hang on but barely afloat. Let there be relief, sweet relief...STAT!!


Julia said...

Being a SAHM is a very exhausting job! I am tried most all of the time. Our daughter stays very healthy (thank goodness), but is very full time in every other area. She constantly demands every minute of my attention and my can be draining. And she is not a big fan of sleep - late bedtime and a very early riser. We love her so much and she is a sweet little girl! I just keep telling myself that someday she will get easier!

Jody said...

Phooey. Hope everyone is on the mend by now. I took my mom's home daycare tip on pink eye and now keep a stash of the prescription eye drops on hand. Then, at the first hint of it we can do a dose or two and beat it - as opposed to going to the doc and pharmacy. Of course, you want to give yourself a dose too, even if you don't have any symptoms yet, just to be safe.

Claudia said...

I love the two token strawberries next to the scrumptious doughnut with sprinkles. Hope all of you are feeling better!

Home Sweet Home Place said...

@ Julia Like your positive thinking! It has to get easier, right?

@ Jody Great idea re: the drops! Totally stealing it!

@ Claudia Right? Mom's gotta get that token healthy food item in there! haha