Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bribing with Ballet

Right before Christmas, Charlotte was nearly potty trained. Santa brought her big girl panties and she had an accident. After that, potty training took a back burner. She showed no interest which was probably a good thing as we traveled a bit in the last few months. Stopping in road side bathrooms or using the lavatories on airplanes is the pits. Throw in a potty training toddler.
The worst!

Now we are home so it's time to get on the potty training band wagon again. For a few weeks, I've been telling Charlotte that if she uses the potty all the time like a big girl, she can do big girl things like go to school or join ballet!

I never imagined she'd actually do it because she has shown no interest.
And then one day, she just went to the bathroom - by herself - and did all her business.
I didn't even know what was going on until I heard the toilet flush!
Of course, she's had a few accidents (only 2) but it hasn't swayed her determination.
So yesterday, was the first time Grace had ballet class since Charlotte figured out the potty. 
(Grace missed a couple of classes because of spring break, traveling, being under the weather, etc.)

Charlotte, per usual, wore her ballerina attire even though she is not enrolled. 
When we got there, she trotted out to the dance floor. I had to pull her off as she screamed, "I'm a big girl now. I use the potty."

Couldn't argue with that!
But Grace's class is extremely full and I knew the teacher would tell me no flat out if I asked if Charlotte could participate. Mind you, the ballet company only allows students age 3 and above. Charlotte is only 2.5! There was a good chance the teacher would say no regardless of the number of students in class.

Again, I never imagined Charlotte would potty train as quickly as she did so I never imagined that I would be in this position. All through out Grace's class, Charlotte cried and whined that she wanted to dance. I told her I would call the teacher later this week. "Nooooooo!!" She threw herself on the floor. 
Apparently, that wasn't good enough. Again..."I'm a biiiiigggg giiirrrlll nnnoooowww!! I go pee pee in the pottyyyyy."

So after class, I meekly approached the teacher and explained the situation I created for myself. 
She was great and told me that the class starting in five minutes had far less students and that Charlotte could give it a try. We both were expecting her to melt down or get scared or just overall prove that she wasn't ready.

But Charlotte proved us wrong. Very wrong.
She was definitely ready.

Charlotte was ecstatic - ECSTATIC - that she got to be a legit ballerina!
And I was ecstatic - ECSTATIC - that the ballet teacher helped me dig myself out 
of my debt to Charlotte.
I don't ever want to be on Miss Charlotte's bad side. 
Let me tell you, it is a bad place to be!

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