Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Celebration! {2013}

Our Easter celebration this year was in Boise
and my was it lovely!
I don't recall an Easter Sunday quite so warm and sunny! 
I am really hoping spring has sprung and by that I mean I am hoping summer is around the corner. 

We arrived mid-afternoon on Saturday with festivities in full swing!
Molly was in the process of making a feast! Lamb! Two kinds of potatoes! Baked Brie Bites! Asparagus tart! A coconut cheesecake! The food was delicious and what an amazing gift for her to cook for all of us!
Decorations galore! My mom even hung the new Easter wall hangings I made for her!
(I couldn't let a holiday go by without making decorations to display. On the five hour car ride, I made a bunny banner and some paper flowers. Didn't get pictures though.)

Everyone hit the hay pretty early that night and while Grace and Charlotte were quite aware that the Easter bunny was going to be making a visit no one anticipated a 5 am wake up call!

(Christmas is going to be a {insert expletive of your choice - I know what I've got floating around in my head and it might just rhyme with witch!) this year!

(Christmas is going to be a {insert expletive of your choice - I know what I've got floating around in my head and it might just rhyme with witch!) this year!

Miss Grace was excited and she was definitely awake! Luckily, she was convinced to stay in bed long enough to ensure that the bunny had hidden the eggs! 

As the bunny had decided to hide the eggs outside this year, he waited until the last minute. Easter Bunny was living on the edge. Next year, the Easter Bunny better be a little bit more organized.

Charlotte slept like a rock until the sun came up and probably would've slept longer if Grace hadn't woken her up. In our haven't-had-a-cup-of-coffee-haze Grace snuck upstairs. No more waiting! It was time to get this party started!! 

The Easter Bunny should also remember that just because it is 70+ during the day, it is still likely going to be in the 30s or 40s come sunrise. 

And that stopped sleepyhead Charlotte in her tracks. 

After two eggs, she declared herself done!

Meanwhile, Grace and Grandma were literally putting their heads together trying to figure out how the bunny got an egg up in the tree!

As a kid, I loved easter egg hunts and I never felt there were enough eggs.
(I now know why. Hard boiling and dying eggs with kids can be not a lot of fun. Sure, it's great for the first six eggs or so. But an Easter egg hunt with only six eggs frankly sucks. So we decorated two dozen plastic easter eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide. 
Easily transportable? Check. 
Kid friendly activity? Check. 
Pretty easter colors? Check.

Convinced we still didn't have enough, I added another couple dozen to the mix. 

Eggs! Eggs! Everywhere! Eggs!

Luckily, Grace and Charlotte had lots of helpers!

Eventually, all the eggs were scooped up and we could all head back into the house to defrost!

Time to see what the Easter Bunny left!

Grace was quick to discover the gifts the bunny brought!

While Charlotte was more fixated on the candy!

I made them each a peg doll family and house for Easter. I thought it was a cute little thing to make and wasn't expecting them to think much of it. But they LOVED having dolls "that looked like them!" I can't even tell you how many times Grace has shoved one of the peg people in my face and said, "Look, it's me! Look! It's Daddy!" It makes me feel good that even when they have access to iPads and cartoons, simple, homemade toys still make them happy!

Auntie Molly and Uncle Johnny-roo slipped in just about then and the Easter bunny had even brought them some goodies!

Grace was convinced that Johnny-roo needed help with his basket.

A few snuggles...

and a few pictures in our Easter finest.

Oh these girls!
There aren't words!

A fabulous brunch of filet mignon and béarnaise sauce (nice and light! ha!) we returned home to the grand finale!
The "adult" Easter egg hunt!

Yes, the Easter Bunny still likes to hide plastic eggs filled with money for us adults...Court included!
We each had 16 eggs to find for a total of 64 eggs.
All were hidden in three rooms and I am telling you,
if you hadn't known that there were five dozen eggs hidden somewhere in those rooms you would have never known.
To say they were well hidden well is a huge understatement. 
It was like James Bond himself hid the eggs! All five dozen of them!
Oh how I wish I had taken pictures of some of the places the eggs were hidden.
But money, not to mention pride, was on the table!
No time for messing with cameras!

Stuffed in the cardboard roll of open paper towels in the back of a cabinet.
In the coffee grounds container. 
In the cuckoo clock.
In a garbage bag in the garbage bag dispenser. 
In my Mom's purse!

Twenty-four hours later, there are still 11 eggs missing!

Well played Easter Bunny. Well played. 

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