Friday, March 6, 2009

And.....we're back!

Did you miss us? Well, we are back and ready to BLOG!!

So much to say. So much to get caught up on. This is probably going to take a few entries!

We went to Boston (as the last post mentions!). The east coast has been slammed with bad weather all winter long but we lucked and had a sunny, "warm" week! While Court filled his brain with lots of important knowledge, Grace, my mom, and I filled our brains (and tummies) with all things Boston!

My mom was told on two separate occasions that she looked like my sister. Great news for her but...
My sister did tell me last week that I had been looking haggard, so I've got that going for me!

We took a bus tour of the city and did you know that the majority of Boston is man made? The city itself has been built upon landfill over the past 150 years or so! Fascinating stuff, huh?

The next day we visited President Kennedy's museum. Awesome. We learned about all things Kennedy. Especially fascinating (to me at least) was Jacquelyn's outfits that she wore at all the important events...inauguration, balls, dinner parties. She handmade Christmas cards and they are on display in the museum. We tried to buy some on the way out but apparently they are not for sale. A total bummer because they were beautiful! Also of importance (at least to me) was a purse given to Jackie by some King. It was COVERED in emeralds, rubies and diamonds. It was BREATHTAKING! My mom and I stared at it for about a half hour.

After spending a few days enhancing our brains, it was time to spend...literally!

Shopping, shopping, shopping!
(Or as my family likes to say...Chopping, Chopping, Chopping!)

We hit up the infamous Newbury Street. Which, if you ever go there with a child in a stroller, don't. It is totally overrated. Way too pricey and nearly impossible to navigate with a stroller. We did eat lunch at the top of the Prudential Tower on the warmest, sunniest day of the trip. We could see for miles and miles. Grace, was a total trooper and slept almost all day in her stroller.

It was a great week filled with lots of Grace and "Grammy" time. After Court was done with his meeting, my mom headed home and the three of us continued on NYC to visit friends. Court, Grace and I all took our very first American train ride. The ride was beautiful and all aboard were quite enamored with our little Grace. They were especially amazed at how she slept almost the entire way!

Me and Grace on the train to NYC.

We stayed at a hotel called Le Parker Meridian. At check-in, we saw Tori Spelling, her two kids and her two nannies. It made my day!

I didn't take this picture but I could have. These were the two nannies and one of them was pushing this exact stroller.

Court and I haven't been to New York City since 2004 when we got engaged. From our room, we could see the hotel where Court proposed. What memories!

The hotel on the far left is where our lives changed forever!

Grace got to see Central Park, from afar, for the first time! We tried to go for a walk in the park but it was frigid. Far too cold!

As it was Valentine's Day, Grace, of course, was decked out in all things pink and heart shaped!

We spent that evening with our good friends, Shane and Alison, their adorable son, William, and the cutest dog EVER! It was a fantastic evening.

(It took all my being not to venture into the pet store where Alison bought this dog and find one for myself.)

The next morning we brunched at Morandi where we had a delicious meal and another star spotting! Maura Tierney - best known for her role in ER.

I've been told that I look like her. I don't see it. Maybe it's the body...I mean, the hair. Hair...yes that's it!

Our trip came to an end and we were excited to go least for a few days!

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