Monday, June 6, 2011

Trip Down Memory Lane

It's been a long time since I was a sorority girl. Ten years in fact and this past weekend we had a reunion.
So many memories, thoughts, feelings and emotions came bubbling up as the weekend approached
but first, a trip down a memory lane.

The Kappa house at UW.

Here we all are back in 1997 in our formal attire.

And here we are being "funny!"

And then here are during our senior year.
You can see that we lost a few member from our pledge class over the course of four years. They were an intense four years - let me tell you!
 (There were a few more left at the end they just didn't make it to the picture.)

And again, us being funny.
(The girls who missed the picture were probably smart to not have this captured for all time.)

Fast forward ten years.
Here we are outside the Kappa house - most of us meeting again for the first time in 10 years.
Me - even longer as I studied abroad the last part of my senior year.

It's crazy how much life has happened - marriages, weddings, pregnancies, kids, jobs, moves - yet deep down we are still those girls in the pictures above.

After reacquainting, we toured the KKG house where we all lived, showered, ate, studied, watched TV, primped for parties, stumbled home from parties, got sick after parties and recovered from parties for FOUR LONG YEARS. 
It was crazy to see the inside of the house again. Even crazier to see the girls who are living there now. They seemed sooo young. Maybe that's because we are soooo old. 

After the tour, we headed to a nearby bar for drinks to catch-up. Then it was off to dinner - just us girls. It was a great evening full of "remember when....?"
The next day we had another get together - only this time husbands and kids were in tow. 
You couldn't have asked for better really was a great day to meet everyone's beautiful families! 

Hopefully, this will be the first of many more get togethers. 

Future Kappas at their first KKG event???
Only time will tell.

It definitely wouldn't be a bad way to go!

Only time will tell!

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