Sunday, June 26, 2011

Busy Days Make for Dull Blogging

The last few days have been hectic. First, there was a drive to Boise. Only five hours but with two small children in tow it can be quite daunting. Then, there were Charlotte's nine month pictures - even though she was a day shy of 9 nine months. And finally, there was the daunting drive home. Yes folks I did 10 hours of driving with two little kids in three days.

Actually, both drives went well. Once I got to Boise, the kids got out and played with Grandma while I got unpacked and organized for bedtime. Then it was off to get Grace's haircut! Never a dull moment!

Haircut accomplished it was time to eat dinner. 

The weather was amazing and my mom was totally prepared to take advantage of it by having a delicious meal outside!

Charlotte busied herself by face planting at least twice. She just won't sit still - trying to keep up with her big sister I presume - and she just kept slipping and falling. In her last fall, she scratched up her nose pretty good. Of course she did! She had a photo shoot the next morning. Why wouldn't we show up for professional photos without some sort of bruise or blemish?

Charlotte pictured here BEFORE her face plant

I must say that the bruises are proving worthwhile. Just moments after her second big crash she took four unassisted steps in a row!! She took her first steps at eight months old!

Grace got a new Barbie tricycle from Grandma and Grandpa. She hasn't quite figured out the pedals so Uncle JABB decided to demonstrate.

The next morning it was off to the studio for Charlotte's photos. Professional photos are always quite daunting. There is the hair, makeup and additional poundage to think about...and that's just me!! Imagine that multiplied by three because I not only have to worry about myself but two more girls!! They don't even know about hair and makeup yet!! Imagine what this process will be like 10 years from now?!?!?!

Charlotte was nothing but uncoperative. If we wanted her to sit, she would crawl. If we wanted her to smile, she would stare blankly at the camera. She was on a mission to give us nothing to work with.
We took pictures of her for over an hour and finally gave up. Luckily, this particular photographer can usually make something out of nothing so I hoped for the best.

The moment I got Charlotte down for a nap the photographer called. Uh oh.

While there were some good shots there weren't any great shots. The photographer wanted me to come back to the studio when Charlotte woke up from her nap! Two photo shoots in one day!

Grateful the photographer was willing to get us in as opposed to making us drive to Boise again or selling us crappy photos, I hauled Charlotte back to the studio for round two. This time, we couldn't get the little ham away from the camera. She was like, you want a smile? Bam! Here's a smile. One sans teeth? One with a jack-o-lantern grin*? Bam! You want baby innocence? Bam! Get a close up of these baby blues.

*Side note: Her teeth are crazy right now. She's got teeth up top but only on the left side and teeth on the bottom but only on the right side. A picture can only explain and of course I don't have one handy at the moment...

The photographer assured me we got several great ones! On my to do list this week? Figure out which ones to buy! Never an easy task!

The next morning we were up and at 'em because we had errands to run and after lunch it was time to get back in the car and hit the road. Grace was "helping" me pack by jumping on the bed and retrieving all her items from her suitcase and bringing them back out to play with. Charlotte was "helping" by taking a solid morning nap. I was pretty focused on my task and only stopped when I noticed the serene quiet.

All parents know what quiet usually means in a house lived in by a toddler...TROUBLE! After calling Grace's name a few times and getting no answer I finally found her in the bathroom. Much to my dismay she had used the toilet - not the potty - all by herself! (An all time low even for me. I am officially one of those potty-talking-parents. Oy!)

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