Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kittens, Candy and White Wine! Oh My!

We went to a 5th birthday party recently and boy was it fun! I now see why parents like having their children born during the warm summer months. Warm weather + lots of kids = shove them outside with toys and you've got a swingin' party!! (literally!)

Charlotte quickly found the slide. Grace, not wanting to be outdone by her baby sister, was in hot pursuit.

They then discovered one of five kittens sprinkled throughout the party asleep under the play set. Not the smartest spot for a cat to doze off during a birthday party BUT he did end up being the most laid back cat I've ever seen. I swear there was something in his catnip.

Days after the party Grace is still talking about the kitties! I'm telling you these were the best darn kittens EVER! They let every kid (or just my kid) tug on them, 

carry them,

hold them,

and even flip them upside down! Like I said, they were amazing little kitties! (Not pictured - Grace Crodile-Hunter-style stalking down the kittens and grabbing them when the least expected it. I'm dead serious. The only thing she didn't do was yell out CRIKEY when one of the cats clawed it's way out of her arms, up her chest and then catapult off of her face.)

Charlotte required a little more hands-on attention during the party. She is at that tricky age where because she crawls she is at eye-view with every thing on the ground. She is all at that very tricky age where everything she see she puts in her mouth and tries to eat it. This is my least favorite stage of babyhood. VERY LEAST FAVORITE. All-nighter feedings, teething, when they push on your stomach about 30 seconds after you just gave birth (yeah no one tells you about the after-birth-stomach-pushing do they? Jerks. It's about a 100x worse than the actual delivery. Am I right?!) all rank much higher up on the scale for me. I hear about babies that go right from being blobs to walking - no crawling in the interim - and I seriously get jealous. Like give me Pippa Middleton's body jealous.

Crawling is cute at first - yay a milestone! - but that quickly evaporates, especially during the summer months when you are constantly outside fielding rocks and leaves out of your baby's mouth. I mean didn't she get the memo that I like to sit outside and drink white wine in the summer - uninterrupted of rock and leaf retrieving?! Oh well! Lucky for her she is stinkin' cute and happy (most of the time) to boot!

Great Grandma was a big help and gave me the use of two hands several times throughout the festivities!

I like how G.G. immediately gets her walking!
She knows what I'm talkin' about. Enough of this crawling nonsense. 

There was even a pinata filled with candy!
Apparently, I'm gonna have to REALLY start pulling it together when it comes to this birthday party planning business.
It seems to me that 3-10 years olds aren't as easily entertained with some boxed wine, a remote and a couch as I am. (They'll 30 years or so.)

As the party festivities moved inside for dinner, presents and cupcakes, we founds ourselves thoroughly entertained in the playroom. (Did I mention they served white wine at this party? A+ in my book!) Grace discovered 'dressing up' - a completely new concept for her because I have not introduced any dress-up items (other than tutus). Why? I have no idea. I have clearly missed the boat on this one because she seriously loved the princess dresses. Ee will definitely be hitting up Santa for some royal attire this holiday season.

I choose the word 'attire' carefully because check out Grace scamming on the "big girl shoes" like they were Louboutins!!

In fact, after this party, we got LOTS and LOTS of great ideas for what Grandma and Grandpa Santa can bring the girls! Joking! kinda ;)

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