Monday, June 20, 2011

Leaves and Cake

Grace's little friend turned two today so we joined in for some birthday festivities.  

Lucky for the birthday girl's mom, the weather was beautiful and we could all play outside. 

There were slides and swings,

(perhaps the next Rory McIlroy???)

and tractors galore!

Everything was going great until Charlotte realized that she and Grace were wearing matching outfits.

Yikes! Not happy about that are we?!

Charlotte clearly did not read my memo or my last blog entry as she managed to find every rock, blade of grass and leaf in a 20 mile radius and insert them into her mouth. There was a brief choking fiasco where I flipped her on her stomach, pounded on her back and waited for her to gag up one of the aforementioned items. I tried to remain cool and calm - I did have about four mothers judging watching me as all this went down - but inside my heart had stopped beating.

Eventually, a leaf popped out of her mouth and it was time for cake!

Hmmm, I think this fork might hinder my cake-to-mouth speed. I know it's polite and all to use utensils, particularly at a party where my manners are on display. I know because my Mommy tells me ALL the time...

Oh screw it! I am just going to stuff it in my mouth. To hell with etiquette!
Now if only Mommy could handle her white wine similarly in these situations!

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