Monday, June 20, 2011

Dad's Day

Two things finally came together for us on Father's Day. First, the bike rack we ordered weeeeeeks ago finally arrived and second, we had some beautiful, warm weather. 

So on the last Sunday before harvest, we celebrated Dad by loading up the bikes, the bike trailer and the kids and heading to a bike path along the Columbia River where we enjoyed miles upon miles of river front views, meandering paths, playgrounds, trees and LOTS of shade! The girls did pretty well in the bike trailer, especially considering they'd already spent an hour in the car JUST getting to our biking destination! There were a few squeaks, squawks and 'No Baby Charlotte' coming from inside the trailer but all in all a success. We stopped once for a "monkey bars" break and then loaded everything back up in the car. After lunch and a brief stop at Costco, we headed home for nap time.

As it was Father's Day, I was sure that Court would take a break for a much-deserved nap. To my dismay, I found him outside planting the garden when I got off the phone wishing my own father a happy day! 
The garden planted in less than an hour - he IS a farmer after all - it was time to shower and prepare for dinner with Nana and Boppa. 

Luckily, Nana brought most of the fixin's which allowed us to provide the entertainment...

A great day for a great dad.

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