Saturday, June 11, 2011

Morning Deflated

Today was...for lack of a better word...interesting. It started off great. Nobody up before dawn. Pancakes for all! (Even Charlotte!) And beautiful weather. A perfect day for a bike ride...or so I thought.

After cleaning up the kitchen, getting everybody dressed and slathered in sunscreen, changing everybody's diaper AGAIN, it was time to finally hit the road. Out on the trail, I reached our usual turn-around point...but my legs were feeling spry, the kids seemed content, I thought we should keep going. I mean after all that work getting out of the house, I figured I had better make our ride worth while. So we pushed on!

We rode to Starbucks and took a break. The weather was amazing so we sat outside. 

The girls were happy and laughing and playing and it was just one of the moments where you think it can't get any better. This tiny, simple moment makes every late night feeding, every stubborn pound gained during pregnancy ALL WORTH WHILE! 

All the thousands of "difficult" moments have come together to produce this one perfect... 

And just like that, it's over! Yep, it all came crashing down just that fast!

Juuuust as I had gotten everybody securely buckled into the bike trailer to head home a dude on a Harley pointed out a SERIOUSLY flat tire on my bike. (See! Nice moment completely ruined!!) You can imagine the spectacle we quickly became at a very crowded Starbucks.

Ok no problem. I'll just call my husband to come pick us up. Strike one. He's out of town.
Don't panic.
Ok. Ok. Still no problem. I'll just call my in-laws. They live 10 minutes away. Ohhh wait. They are out of town too. Strike two.
Panic is definitely starting to set in. I live in the middle of no where. It's not like I can call a cab. And with two kids?
Luckily, I brought the diaper bag (fully stocked), my purse AND my cell phone. I started in the A's and decided to call every and any person until someone answered to see if they could come pick us up.
Lucky for me (not so lucky for her), the first "A" answered and she was willing and able to come pick us up! She even had car seats! What luck right?! Woo hoo!
Not only did she have to come and give me and my kids a ride, she stepped away on her twin daughters' 5th birthday!! Believe me, I felt AWFUL for interrupting!! Boy do I owe her!!
So the take-away lesson here? Enjoy those 'little' moments - they are fleeting. And carry Fix-A-Flat on all rides. You can be sure I'll be stocking up!

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Kari said...

FYI - Michelin makes kevlar-lined bike tires so that road debris doesn't puncture the tire and pop the inner tube. I think they also make special tubes that are hard to pop. :)