Monday, June 27, 2011

Nine Months and Counting

Charlotte had her 9 month well baby check-up today. Repeat. NINE MONTHS!
How is she closer to being one than zero? 
It sounds cliche but it is so darn true.
I feel like she was born yesterday.

Clearly her stats indicate otherwise (or I'd be in a world of hurt!):
18.12 pounds ~ 28 inches ~ 46 centimeters
66% ~ 48% ~ 94%

The doctor commented that she is heavier than she is tall...
(An unnecessary comment if you ask me but one I can relate to all to well.)

because she is perfect in every sense of the word!
Active. Happy. Bubbly. Chatty.
Truly a happy baby.

The only bad news? That runny nose she's had for the past - oh I don't know - MONTH was due to an ear infection. AN EAR INFECTION!

My thoughts exactly Charlotte!
Poor wittle baby! You'd have never known anything was amiss with all those smiles.
But have no fear, antibiotics are here!
I bet once we get the equilibrium back to normal in that ear of yours you are going to start doing wind sprints in the living room. 
Nothing could make me happier!

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