Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Same Ole, Same Ole

Exactly twelve weeks OR 84 days OR 2,016 hours - give or take a few - until #2 arrives. The warm weather is killing me and it isn't even that hot yet. Only in the 80s here.

A lot of people ask if this pregnancy feels different. Let's see. I'm sick all the time, feel like I've been pregnant for 10 years AND huge. Nope - feels EXACTLY the same.

A friend recently told me that her second pregnancy was much easier - she gained 20 lbs. less, had way more energy and the nine months FLEW by because she was chasing around a toddler. Ummm...right.

But as I really think about it, there are a few differences between this time and last time - albeit most of these probably haven't kicked in yet as I start my seventh month today.

- TIRED all the time
- can not regulate my body temperature. I am hot ALL THE TIME. Even with the AC set to Arctic-like temperatures, I'm burning up.
- heat rash / chafing (TMI?!?!?)
- seems that #2 kicks and moves more
- I'm more relaxed this time around but I must say delivery still is a bit daunting as we can can safely assume that this kid will be 9 lbs +
- no linea negra (at least not yet)
- lots of heartburn this time around
- haven's purchased or decorated hardly anything yet for #2. I'm pretty sure Grace's room was done by the time I was 7 months pregnant and her name was chosen. While I am pretty sure we have the name figured out (oh you'll just have to keep checking back here if you want to know her name BEFORE she enters the world!!) we definitely do not have the room situations finalized.
- feet and hands aren't swollen (yet) but that is probably just around the corner
- haven't gotten too many leg cramps. I woke up to Charlie Horses just about every night with Grace.

So with that, Grace and I are off to swim lessons which I am hoping will knock her out for a four hour nap this afternoon so I can put my feet up, shovel ice cream into my face and take a nap. Have I mentioned I'm right on par to gain just as much weight this time around? I have no idea why!! :)

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