Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Grace's First Swim Lesson

Even though mother nature hasn't gotten the memo that it is in fact summer (ok technically summer starts next week but you know what I mean) and "she" should not only warm up the weather- "she" should MAKE IT STOP RAINING! - Grace and I forged ahead with Grace's first swim lesson!

Lucky for you favorite readers, Grandma was in town helping John Andrew move into his new apartment so we had a photographer documenting the entire lesson. You are thrilled - I know!

It was a bit chilly that morning. The sun was out teasing us and all the Moms milled about nervously before the lesson started.

Grace sizing up the competition. She was very quiet before the lesson. She wasn't talking, she wasn't jumping, she wasn't smiling. Truth be told - I was nervous. Was she going to be the kid who was going to scream her head off and hate the water?

Again, she proved that all my worrying was for nothing...

She LOVED it!
She was splashing up a storm before our teacher even got the group started.

After singing Ring Around the Rosie and getting used to the water (it was heated - THANK GOD!) it was time to grab the balls and throw them in the hoop!

Next, it was time to learn how to paddle. We each grabbed a toy and threw it out in front of the child. While holding the child under our arm like a sack of potatoes, we encouraged our kiddo to paddle after the toy.

Grace loved this game.

She even put her face in several times in order to reach her little dolphin toys.

Being pregnant in a swim suit was interesting. While I had a legitimate excuse for all my "lady bumps and humps", there were quite a few pictures of me (particularly from the back side) where it looked like two people had squueezed into my one swim suit. NOT GOOD! Obviously, those pictures are NOT posted here and have been deleted from existence.

Then came time for going under the water.

She was a trooper! Once the weather warms up, she will definitely be our little fish.


The Gimlins said...

Way to go with the swim lessons! I'm of the opinion that kids should learn to swim very early on. I'm hoping to start Kendry in the fall - in an indoor pool, of course. :)

Home Sweet Home Place said...

You AND Kendry will love it!

Claudia Olsen said...

That looks like so much fun. We did the swim lesson with Lena for one session. She loved it, but when I saw the snot floating buy I was sooo done.