Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Yes, we are in a slight pickle. You see, we don't know where #2 is going to live.

Err...what-choo-talkin-bout-Willis? (RIP Gary Coleman.)

You see, our master bedroom is on the ground floor as is Grace's room. For the past three years, we have lived only on the first floor. In fact, there was a door at the bottom of the staircase so we literally closed off the upstairs. We used it for the occasional visitor and for storing our holiday decorations. We didn't even have heat or AC up there.

When we learned that #2 was in fact on the way, we installed heating/cooling upstairs because that is where we assumed #2 would 'live'.

When we told people that we were working on remodeling the upstairs guest bedroom for #2, we got funny looks - LOTS of funny looks. You'd have thought I had told them I was downing a bottle of Jack Daniels every night after dinner. The idea of putting a flight of stairs between a brand new-breastfed-only-baby and her mother was obviously not a good idea. (Although it still seems like a good idea to me in terms of the baby weight battle. I'll get all my exercise while I'm sleeping. Win-win, right?)

Based on this reaction, we started telling everyone that Grace was moving upstairs into a new "big girl" room...complete with big girl bed and everything! Creating the drama over a big girl room would help fight off any jealousy issues that may arise when #2 comes home.  This also made sense to us because Grace's room is perfectly set up for the infant years (READ: We wouldn't have to tear apart the crib, move it upstairs and reassemble. This is huge as it ensures Court will be cast-free when #2 arrives!)

Well, that brought on even more 'looks'.

She's too young for a bed. She's just a baby. You are going to put a toddler - UPSTAIRS - alone?! Don't you know stairs are dangerous? How are you going to hear her at night? What if she is roaming around upstairs and you don't know it? What if she sleepwalks or has night terrors? How are you going to potty train her at night? She's already going to be upset regarding the new baby...then you are going to make her CHANGE rooms?!? 
You are obviously bad parents.


Then we get my favorite comment - have them share a room. Sure, this would be the ideal situation if GRACE WAS A GOOD SLEEPER! Grace wakes up if a leaf falls off a tree a half mile away...can you imagine what she would do if her NEW sister (who according to everyone will make Grace blind with jealousy) SHARED a room with her and CRIED every few hours because she was hungry?! More importantly, do you have any idea what this would do to me?!?!?


So now we don't know what to do. The wallpaper for the upstairs bedroom should be arriving any day and all I want to do is go forth with ordering any new items we may need for that bedroom - as that will be one less thing to do AFTER #2 arrives - but I can't because we don't know who is living where!

What we DO KNOW is that #2 will be sleeping in her cradle in our room for at least the first three months...so that gives us until December to relocate Grace or move around furniture. So we have time.

Nonetheless, the planner in me wants to know where each kid will be housed. What would you do? Who should 'live' where?


Megan said...

Hmm. This is tough! My niece was 20 months old when her brother was born. In all honesty, she was simply too young for jealousy. She just sort of patted him on the head and went about her business. In her world, he's just "there." It would be different if she were 3 or 4 or 5. They just had to keep a close eye on her because she still didn't understand about being gentle and was rough with the swing, jumperoo, cradle, etc. She would get overzealous and practically shake the baby to death in those contraptions...or she'd try to "help" by feeding the baby (before he was eating) or by shoving stuffed animals in his crib on his face while sleeping. Basically, they just had to keep an eye out (which is obvious anyway). The older one slept in her own room in a crib while the baby slept in a bassinet in the parents' room. He graduated to a mini crib and was there until just before a year (they live in a 2 bedroom apartment). They recently moved the 2 cribs together in one room and it's working out great for them. He just turned 1 and she's now past 2 and a half. Sorry so long, just thought I'd share. :)

Claudia Olsen said...

You guys move upstairs and the kids will have their rooms downstairs! Voila! Problem solved. I think Grace needs a master bedroom. :):) Sorry, I don't have any better ideas.

Home Sweet Home Place said...

Megan - very interesting. It is always good to hear what other people do/did to get new ideas! I have a feeling the four of us will be in the two bedrooms downstairs for quite sometime.

Claudia - we did think of that. But unfortunately, this old farm house (and the checkbook) won't support a remodel of that size and nature!! :)

Kathryn said...

Kate!!! Finally catching up with your blog. My sister put Lucy up in the loft after Joe got too robust (read: fat) for his tiny crib. Lucy is shimming down a steep ladder multiple times a day without any problems. So not to worry, you can put Grace upstairs and still be a waaaayyyy better mom then my sister.