Wednesday, June 16, 2010

18 Months

To document such a milestone as turning 1 1/2, I'd normally take a picture of Grace in front of her tree - comparing how much Grace and the tree have grown in the last six months...remembering back to that December day that changed our lives for the better.

But alas, her tree was destroyed over the winter by some a-hole thus no picture with the tree.  Though we've ordered a new one, it hasn't arrived yet. So Grace's half birthday went by unnoticed and undocumented. Almost. There was that pesky 18 month well child check up that could not be overlooked.

I am thankful to report that she is still doing well! Long and lean - just like her mom, dad, hmmm....well anyway, HALLELUJAH! She was 32 3/4" tall (81%), 23 lbs (31%) with a head size of 47.3 cm (72%). We did discuss with the doctor Grace's tendancy to shall I say...not follow our simple requests?!

Grace, don't pull the dog's tail!
Grace, don't throw your food on the floor!
Grace, do not climb up to the edge of the couch and then stand straight up on the edge like you are walking on a balance beam!
Grace - NO!

We were relieved to hear that this behavior is normal but also told by the doctor it was time to start timeouts!

Now, when Grace decides to pull Lindey's tail, guess where she goes? Timeout! In her crib! As per the instructions of the doctor. So far we've had pretty good success. Instead of me saying NO a thousand times, it allows both Grace and I to redirect our thoughts, energy, and focus. So far, so good! Lindey and Lucky are very grateful for the timeouts. Their tails thank me!

The doctor also told us to expect some regression with Grace when #2 arrives. While I was expecting this, the doctor explained it in very explicit terms. "Bringing home a new baby is as tramatic for the older sibling as if your husband brought home another woman."

Ahhhh come again.

"Bringing home a new baby is as tramatic for the older sibling as if your husband brought home another woman."

I was speechless. Seems a little extreme to me but the doctor has had a lot more experience with kiddos than I have so I guess we'll take his word for it. If Grace has any jealousy streaks like I am capable of, this could be ugly - REALLY ugly.

With that bit of "good" news, the doctor left the room and the vaccinations ensued. Watching your child writhe in pain when they don't understand why you are pinning them down in order for some stranger to inflict the painful shots is heart wrenching. It just doesn't get any easier. The whole time in the appointment, I kept thinking to myself, how am I going to juggle two children at the same time during these appointments?!? In that same vein, how am I going to juggle two children - period?!

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