Friday, June 11, 2010

Before and After

It's Friday night. So what? That doesn't mean those of us with small children.

Before having kids, I would be getting all dolled up - ready for a night out on the town.

Tonight, I am waiting for Grace to stop bouncing and crying in her crib so I can hit the hay.

Before having kids, I would likely go to a delicious restaurant, wear something cute and trendy and burn off a little steam with friends at a bar.

Tonight, I ate two slices of Safeway pizza, I barely brushed my hair and I'm definitely not burning off any steam over a few cocktails.

Before having kids, I would have stayed out real late knowing I could sleep until noon tomorrow.

Tonight, I'll be in bed before the sun sets and awake before it rises tomorrow.

Before having kids, I would drink a few too many tonight, feel tired, cranky and nauseous all day tomorrow, then eat some kind of greasy food to kick the hangover and pray that I wasn't pregnant.

Tonight, I'll definitely hit up the sauce - chocolate sauce for my sundae that is - and even though I will go to bed ridiculously early, I will toss and turn all night (because why would God ever let a pregnant woman sleep) so that tomorrow I'll feel tired, cranky and nauseous where I will be "required" to eat large quantities of greasy food and you know what the the ironic thing is, I will be so happy and thankful that I am pregnant!

God what has happened to me?!


T.C.+ M. said...

i am not pregnant. but i am waiting for my baby to fall asleep, so i too can go to bed before the sun sets and wake waaaay before the sun rises. i didn't even realize it was friday until i read your post! what does that say about me?

Claudia Olsen said...

Geez, here we are on Saturday, watching "Toy Story2" with Lena right now and I couldn't be happier! Crazy things we did before having kids, huh?! Life finally has a true meaning.