Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Cup of Joe....PUH-LEASE!

Last week, our faithful coffeemaker passed away. It was a sad, sad day. No morning jolt of caffeine to wake us up and start the day. Our only jolt would be Grace - awake far too early and jumping (of course) in her crib. Why sleep when you can jump, right?

Well, that was last week and we still have no coffeemaker. (Yeah, if I've seem a bit disheveled lately or a bit 'Night-of-the-Living-Deadish' - now you know why.)

Oh don't blame me! It wasn't like I hopped on the internet, researched the hell out of coffeemakers, read 100s of reviews and found the ONE machine EVERYONE seems to love at a far cheaper price than the competition, and order it the very next day only to have it arrive DEFECTIVE!!!

What?!? Are you kidding me? This calls for a letter - you know one of 'those' letters you always swear you will write when you've been wronged by some person, place or thing.

Dear Coffee Maker Manufacturers,
You CAN NOT - I repeat - CAN NOT send faulty coffee brewing equipment to the caffeinated-impaired. It is a cruel, cruel joke. Especially to those caffeinated-impaired who are 7 months pregnant and are throwing caution to the wind and giving the bird to the medical world's recommendation of 0.0002 ounces of caffeine a day. Send me a functioning machine or send nothing at all.

Yours Truly,
The Voice of the Caffeinated-Impaired

PS Yes there is a Starbucks a mile from my house so don't act like you've thought of something I haven't. I could easily caffenate myself if I wanted to but I think overreacting to your defective machine, complaining to everyone who will listen and walking around like a zombie for two weeks is a much more effective approach.

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