Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

It's been a busy week of prepping for Halloween. First, there were the annual Halloween cookies to bake!

This year I went with pumpkins, owls, cats, hats, tombstones, ghosts and candy corns. I didn't know how I was going to bake and frost the 100+ cookies with a now-walking baby, but Grace, for all of her months of not sleeping, decided to cooperate this week (possibly due to the seasonal flu booster and H1N1 shots she got earlier this week) and took two solid naps each day. Amazing! Almost the best thing about this busy Halloween week! (Perhaps we've finally got this sleep thing under control!?!)

Then, there were the "glorious" pumpkins (remember the ones not from the pumpkin patch) to carve. Our Safeway "beauties" were transformed into a cat and a devil.

Next, there was Grace's 'Mommy & Me Halloween Extravaganza' where even the dads were included! I was in charge of snacks and, admittedly, went a little over board supplying the treats. I dragged a box the size of a small coffin brimming with goodies - meats, cheeses, crackers, juice, Halloween napkins and plates...and of course, COOKIES!!! Best part, seeing the kids in their very first Halloween costumes!

Grace and her buddies - checking each other out.


Bumble Bee

Doggy & Penguin

And finally, most importantly, there was the Halloween card to tend to.  For something so simple, it sure took a lot of leg work...

But finally, the moment was captured.

Hope you have a safe and memorable Halloween!

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Shannon said...

She's starting to look more like cute!