Sunday, November 1, 2009

A "Devil" of a Halloween!

Our "little angel" had a run-in with a few "devils" on Halloween night. 

When Grace was born, I am sure the dogs probably thought "Well, the good news is we get to eat all the food the baby throws on the floor AND we will never have to get dressed up for Halloween again." Oh it sucks to be wrong, huh Lindey?

They look like they are having about as much fun as last year!

Seriously Lindey what is there not to love about Halloween?! You look ado'able!

Oh yeeeeaaaaah...
Pictures like this are what there is not to love about Halloween! Ugh!

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Natalie said...

My parents dressed me as a devil for my first Halloween. I think you made the right choice by leaving the devil costume to the dog, and dressing your adorable baby girl like an angel.
Thanks for keeping up this blog, I love to hear all about Grace.
-Natalie Conforti