Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Two weekends ago, Court and I got a taste of freedom and it tasted G-O-O-D! Uninterrupted sleep. Drinking to excess. Eating in peace and quiet. Not to say we weren't ecstatic to get back to Grace, I'm just saying....
(To get the effect I am going for, this is best said like William Wallace (aka Mel Gibson) in the movie Braveheart.)

Luckily, our friend, Jamie, had the perfect excuse to leave Grace at home and eat and drink to excess again. A surprise 30th birthday party for her husband, Chris, in Seattle.

For the record, I didn't get the memo that wives are supposed to throw surprise birthday parties for their husbands when they turn 30. Ooops! For Court's 30th birthday, I went to Vegas to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (it was AWESOME!!!).
Oh don't look at me like that! He was in harvest! He couldn't have managed a night - let alone a weekend - of binge drinking with friends. Don't worry. He got his "revenge." When I turned 30, I was 10 months pregnant and 70 pounds overweight. We'll just have to go big on the Big 4-0...that's the new 30 anyway, right?!

I digress.

Last Friday, after Mommy and Me class, Grace and I made the looong drive to Seattle. The party was Saturday night but I wanted to take advantage of being in Seattle and do some Christmas shopping. The pass was a snowy, icy nightmare but I drove it - BY MYSELF! Can I tell you how proud of myself I am? I honestly thought I would never be able to drive in snow again - trapping me in Eastern Washington all winter long. Lucky for me, Grace slept during the "hairy" part of the drive...by the 15+ car pile-up on the side of the road that sent shivers down my spine... and after 5.5 hours in the car, we made it to Seattle!

Court was already in Seattle along with his parents who had agreed to watch Grace while we went to the party. It worked out really well. Dave and Priscilla went to the "surprise" portion of the party, mingled and then came home to their sleeping granddaughter. While the surprise portion of the party was going on, Court and I put Grace to sleep and prepared ourselves for the "post-surprise" party. It was SO fun! We got to see all of our friends, chat and just laugh. I miss laughing so hard you are sore the next day and we definitely laughed on Saturday night. Needless to say, we don't get out of our cages much and when we do, we tend to go a little over board. "Freedom" is exhausting! Feels a lot like being hung over...oh wait!! hehe

After all that "freedom" I was sure happy to get back to Home Sweet Home Place. What's even better is that we have nothing on the agenda this coming weekend, except for sitting by the fire and enjoying the view. Ahhhh...freedom!

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