Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

Don't get me wrong. I love the whole it-took-me-an-entire-week-to-prepare-for-Thanksgiving-build-up. Homemade pies. Homemade bread. Brined turkey and all the fixins. But even me - Mrs. Tradition - found myself a bit thankful for a Thanksgiving away from home this year...more precisely at a restaurant.

This year we boarded all the animals (my first holiday away from them - SO sad) and headed to Sun Valley with Court's parents for a long weekend. While I admit I missed bread dough pancakes and leftovers that last for weeks, it was nice not having any anxiety over the meal (especially after hosting my first Thanksgiving last year). We just showed up at the restaurant and voila - turkey and all the fixins! (Although Court got ham and it was TO-DIE-FOR! Honest to God - best darn ham I've ever eaten...but I digress...)

Our "BIG" preparation for the meal- pictures!

Seriously - a HORRIBLE hair cut! UGH!

Three Generations

Grace sitting at the table
like she's been conversing over wine and appetizers her whole life.
I love how her arm is leaning on the back of the high chair
like she's too cool for school.

What is a Thanksgiving meal without reading the book
"Five Silly Turkeys" about 35 times before the meal is served?
That's what they make red wine for right?!

Grace was a trooper at just about every outing. On the very last night, we celebrated my birthday. I don't think Grace likes sharing her birthday month with me as she was a wreck throughout the meal. (Sabotage if you ask me.) While I thought a birthday couldn't be any "worse" than being 65 lbs over weight and not being able to drink, I was wrong. It can be. I ended up eating my dessert - in the car - as Grace bounced around the back seat - sockless. Yes, somehow in all the "activity" we lost her socks in the restaurant. So far, the 30's are kicking my ass in terms of birthday celebrations...although my real birthday is on Wednesday....December case you were wondering when to send my present...or better check. I'm just sayin...

The highlight of the weekend? Yes, yes being happy, healthy and with wonderful family...of course! Without a doubt! But I'd be lying if I didn't say Grace's boots! She is a legit snow bunny! Furry boots and all!

No trip to Sun Valley would be complete without setting foot on Mt. Baldy. Thanks to the new gondola, we were able to head to the lodge up top for some lunch and take in some lovely views.

Somehow, I managed to pick the ONE hat
that is about four sizes TOO small for Grace.

Either Grace is not afraid of heights or she has no understanding of what a fall from that height would do to her. Either way, Grace LOVED the gondola!

And finally, the true meaning of Thanksgiving.
Treasuring the small moments that mean the most and being oh-so-thankful.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving FILLED with lots of small moments.

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Megan said...

Yay! That was a great post. :)
Happy Birthday (a day early)!!! That same book was featured in our Thanksgiving! Grace's boots are hysterical. They are so huge and furry, but are so perfect!!! Happy moments to you...