Sunday, October 4, 2009

You Can Sleep Peacefully...Until Wednesday

I am sure everyone was losing sleep last night knowing that I had to drive to Boise yesterday with Grace and all the dogs. Not to worry. We made it. 

Just in case you were wondering, it did snow...A LOT! 

Leaving 'The Valley' on a picture-perfect autumn afternoon.
I laugh in the face of any possible snow storms. HA HA I say!

Is that I storm I see "a-brewin'?"

Why yes...yes it is a nasty snow storm.

I figured no one would believe me that it was snowing HARD in the mountains, so my plan was to take pictures along the way. However, removing my rigamortis-like grasp from the wheel proved to be rather difficult. Grace only cried when it was snowing (of course she did) just to add to my stress that much more. When I pulled off in La Grande to tend to her woes, the snowing had subsided and turned to rain. It even warmed up a bit to 35 degrees. It had been down to 32 degrees going over Deadman's Pass. (Really? Do we have to name passes where you feel like you could hit black ice, swerve off the road and then be T-Boned by a 16- wheeler and die at any moment Deadman's Pass? It REALLY seems unnecessary. Although, on the flip side, as I drove through Pleasant Valley in almost white-out conditions, that name didn't help too much either.)

The good news is we made it. Bad news? We have to drive back on Wednesday. UGH. Any "postpone the bad weather until Thursday" rituals would be greatly appreciated.

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