Friday, October 31, 2008

Ode to Halloweens Past...and Way Past

Katie and Court's first Halloween! (2003)

In our second year of law school...
we were obviously too busy drinking beer and carving pumpkins....I mean studying, of prepare costumes.

Molly crashing Katie and Lauren's nursery school Halloween party in 1983.

Lucky for her, she was pretty cute (aka -hadn't started talking yet) so I let it slide.

Katie (7) and Molly (4)

Who loves being a drunk, homeless clown for Halloween?
Molly does!!

(Notice the black painting in the background - I think Molly was expressing
her feelings about her costume.)



Molly said...

hilarious! i think drunk homeless clown needs a revival...maybe i can pass the torch to grace.

Lauren said...

Wow, that picture of Molly as the drunk homeless clown gave me a good chuckle! The gigantic bear costume is also ready for a revival - Any takers?