Monday, October 6, 2008

Bring on the cake!

I can continue gorging on cake and sweets for the next 9 weeks! wooo hoooo!! I got my gestational diabetes test results back and all is well! Bring on Halloween!!

The one thing the doctor is concerned about is my iron level - or lack there of. Apparently, I am showing signs of anemia. To counteract this, I have been instructed to start taking a prenatal vitamin (they pulled me off of it early on believing it was contributing to my five month stint of morning sickness) and an Iron supplement. Our next appointment is next week - it will mark the beginning of month eight! We are getting close people!

Not sure if you caught how I dropped the countdown in the first sentence (if you didn't - you will now!) but I have 9 weeks left! That is less than a law school semester! I survived six of those, so this ought to be a breeze in comparison, right? Labor can't be as bad as two weeks of final exams.

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