Thursday, October 16, 2008

32 Weeks and All is Well

We had our 32 weeks appointment yesterday and besides another few pounds of weight gain (UGH UGH), all is well! Hard to believe that this will all come to an end (or to a new beginning - however you want to look at it) in eight weeks. With all the holidays around the corner, you know these eight weeks are going to FLY by. Perhaps that is why I have been having a lot of strange dreams.

Two nights ago, I dreamed that Grace was born with 8 toes on her left foot. They were spread all around her foot - like the arms of an octopus. I told Court about this dream and his response was "Well, at least she would have good balance!"

Last night, I dreamt that the baby was born via C-section. Nothing crazy, right? C-sections happen everyday. Well, this particular c-section was not performed on me. It was performed on some "blob" that contained my baby. It was a frisky, uncooperative blob at that! Court and I had to hold the blob down so the doctor could slice it open and remove the baby.

I don't know much about interpreting dreams, but I would say that these dreams are chalking up to a bit of subconscious anxiety about the whole delivery process. I say subconscious because my mantra all along has been the following:

If a female, early American woman could ride a horse all day long, pull over, give birth to a baby under a tree and then hop back on the horse and keep going, I can DEFINITELY make this happen with LOTS of drugs, a sterile hospital and a doctor...right?!


Molly said...

I love a good blog entry about an octopus and pioneer days! Might you give The Red Tent another look?

you da mom! said...

strange dreams are par for the course. i've been having them, too. and you're right about giving birth...lots of women have done it under way harder circumstances. just squatting and popping it out. it's crazy.