Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Surprise in Seattle!

Court and I were in Seattle Tuesday night. He thought we were in town for appointments and errands, but little did he know we were in town for a surprise baby shower in Court's honor!
I must say that inviting guys to a baby shower quickly changes the dynamics! Things are said and done that would never happen in a room full of women! Although the dynamics were a bit different with the guys, the baby shower definitely had a woman's touch!

From decorations...

to baby shower games....

to of course, presents...

(What new father doesn't need a book about raising adolescent girls?!)

the night was a HUGE success!

Court was TOTALLY surprised! In fact, I could have sworn that I saw a little tear in the corner of his eye - he was so touched!

Speaking of tears, no crying for me at the party, but there were definitely some tears shed last night as I reviewed the pictures of the event! Everyone looked so great (and skinny)

and then there was me.... unsightly view of my thighs, not to mention I look like a linebacker. UGH

Court and I are so lucky to have such great friends who would go to such lengths to make Court feel so special. He is the most generous person I know and it was a happy moment for me to see him with all of our friends one last time before he becomes a father. Thank you to all who planned and attended Court's Surprise Baby Shower! We had a great time!

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