Sunday, May 19, 2013

Um...You Won't Believe This....AGAIN!!

I slept in this morning. To 7:30! It felt like 10 am after waking up before the sun more times than not this past week. Truth be told, I woke up more groggy today! Maybe I just felt more groggy because Court was awake too and firing off questions before I'd had a chance to drink my coffee. (The good thing about an early wake up? -You have lots of time to wake up - in silence! haha!!)

Grace and Charlotte woke up just minutes later and we were getting ready to have "family breakfast!" Family breakfasts are special because they mean three things: 1) Daddy is not working, 2) We are all at home and 3) DONUTS!!! It's Court's special treat with the girls. He takes them to the store, let's them pick out whatever they you can imagine how excited Grace was!

On my second sip of coffee, I heard the flapping of wings. Immediately, I thought Kiwi had flown 'the coop' and had landed somewhere in the living room. When I looked in the direction of the sound, I could tell by the look on Grace's face that it was not Kiwi!

I ran out to the living room and there on the floor was a DUCK!! As soon as I saw the duck, Lucky, our fierce, fluff ball of a dog, saw it too. At that point, I screamed because that's all we need is a duck death in our living room - in front of our girls!

Court, hearing me scream, ran out from wherever he was on level 10,000 on a scale of 1-10. Grace and Charlotte ran into our bedroom as Court and I tried to get the dogs. The dogs, of course, wouldn't listen, so Court ended up grabbing Lindey and launching her in my direction. At this point, he still didn't know why we were all panicking so his adrenaline gave him Herculean strength. I think he thought it was the owl again!

Only after the girls and the dogs were safely nestled in the back bedroom did he figure out it was just a duck! But seriously!?!?!? A duck? In our house? 

Look in the way back...the duck is in the fireplace.
We think that is how he got in. 

Rest assured, he was safely released. Court has had practice at this sorta thing! haha!!

Regardless, what is with all of feathered friends getting into our house?
Whoever lives in this house next is going to be in for all sorts of surprises!!

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