Friday, May 17, 2013

No More Teachers, No More Books...No More Babies

Yesterday was Grace's last day of preschool.
How did that happen?

And how did she turn into such a kid?
Below are pictures of her on the first day of preschool wearing the same outfit.
Crazy how she's grown - not only physically but mentally and emotionally.

Her words and thoughts and imagination are on absolute fire these days and her heart is just
That isn't a profound statement or an elegant one but really I don't think there are fancier words that would sum it up better.
She has a good heart.
So mindful of others and always, always wanting to make us proud. 

And this one?
She is officially out of diapers.
A week ago she begged, BEGGED to wear panties to bed and I figured what the hell?
And she woke up dry and has woken up dry every night since!

In the car yesterday, Charlotte announced that she didn't wear diapers anymore - that she wasn't a baby anymore.

Grace says: "Mom, we don't have any babies! We are big girls now. 
You need to put a baby in your tummy. We need a baby!!"

Talk to your Dad to your dad girls!
I'm just cracking the thick ice around his stone cold heart regarding chickens...and that's been years in the making!
Unfortunately, we might be behind the eight ball on this one!!

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