Thursday, May 2, 2013

Apologies and Catching Up

Most everyone is gearing up for the weekend to come....and here I am just getting a post up about what we did LAST weekend! There just never is enough time in the day!
A friend recently asked me how I find time to blog.
I laughed because I don't! I can't. It is hard!
I keep thinking life will get easier next week. Things will calm down next month.
I've been saying that for a few years now....I think I am finally coming to terms with the fact that from here on out, it is going to be crazy! Regardless!
So my posts are random. My posts are "old news" but I am doing the best I can.
Hopefully, you will stick with me!

Anyway, after a busy week of sickness and stress, we headed out for some R&R in Seattle.

There was much sleeping 

and chill axing by all!!

Much needed.

On Saturday, we took the ferry to Bainbridge. 

The girls LOVE the ferry!
I think they know the ferry = Bun Bun the Bunny! The last time we took the ferry, we were with Grandma and Grandpa and Auntie Molly. It was that trip where we met the VERY famous Bun-Bun!!

Bun-Bun is a bunny that belongs to a children's store on the island. 
Such a good gimmick!
[Note to self: If ever own a store, have a cute, cuddly ADORABLE bunny 
to lure in the kids. Works better than candy!!]

We made the most of the thirty minute ride! ha!

Once off the ferry, we had lunch but promised we would visit Bun Bun immediately following lunch. Charlotte must have gotten the memo that this was a vacation because she ate and promptly fell asleep!

Grace occupied herself for hours coloring. She piped up only to make her request to see Bun-Bun the Bunny known. We offered to get her some dessert for being so good but she declined.
Let me repeat that. 
Grace. Refused. Dessert!
They even had chocolate cake! This was a first. So now you know how important seeing Bun Bun the bunny is on her scale of things to do!

I'm not going to lie.
A little wine was had at lunch.
More than a little. Maybe. Less than a lot? 
Depends on your definition of a lot!


On to Bun Bun!!
We did make a pit stop at the toy I said, we were feeling good. Grace lucked out and got a bed for her plush bunny, conveniently named Bun-Bun!! hahah So original!

Charlotte was still asleep so she missed out on "easy breezy" Mommy at the toy store! Bummer!
That'll teach her to sleep through lunch! hahah

We did wake up Charlotte to see Bun Bun so perhaps that made up for missing the toy store.
No pics this time but you can check out Bun-Bun here

Both girls were AWAKE for the ferry ride home! They were jazzed!

Our visit with Bun Bun concluded our jaunt to Bainbridge as we trying to catch the 2 o'clock ferry to make it back to Seattle in time to go swimming with cousin June. 
Again, no pics. Sorry!
The wine that had me feeling so good about an hour before, had me in an almost catatonic state while June and her parents visited. I refused to swim - the water in the pool is freezing - so Court took one for the team and took the girls swimming.

After swimming, the girls were playing and the adults were talking, Charlotte managed to face plant into a wall. I don't know how it happened. It was so fast. All I know is that it was hard.

This is what her face looked like minutes after it happened!
I am assuming this will be a pretty big shiner by tomorrow!

The next day, we say a children's theater production of Rapunzel.
While it was much different than the Disney version Grace and Charlotte, it was delightful nonetheless. 

The girls are coloring and creating more and more! 
So fun!

We had planned on taking the girls on the ferris wheel (seen in the top picture) but we were all pooped!
All of us were still not feeling well so we rested a bit and then, surprisingly, it was time to eat again!
We met Auntie Molly for dinner...not our best family representation.
We were all tired, cranky and some of us were crying...I won't mention any names but it reminds with Face.
Sorry Auntie Molly!

Monday morning, I woke up to a hole in my favorite jeans. 

I cried.
The thought of trying on new jeans and paying for them literally brought me to tears.
Jean shopping is up there with bathing suit shopping.
Throw in two kids in the dressing room with you?
If someone made me a deal where I could magically get a pair of jeans that fit well if I poked myself in the eye, it would be a no brainer!
I'd much rather wear an eye patch for a few weeks than attempt jean shopping at this point in my life!

The drive home over the pass was covered in snow. I mean COVERED!! 
It was unbelievable. I was so thankful Court was driving! It came down hard, fast and slushy! Nothing worse than driving in thick, slush!

It was a good trip to Seattle. 
We accomplished what we needed to accomplish. 
Got to see some family - albeit brief
and got a little sleep!
Back to reality and frost control!

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Claudia said...

I feel exactly the same about jeans, until I tried on and bought two pairs from.... Not glamorous, special, or expensive Target. I even got a pair of skinny jeans that fit perfectly! They are Denizen by Levi's. But don't tell anyone.