Friday, May 17, 2013

Belated Birthday Celebration!

Mana was out of town for both her birthday and mother's day so we celebrated when she got back into town. 
THEN, Tygh, Sarah and June were able to come over for a mother's day/birthday celebration the following weekend - so Mana - the lucky lady that she is - got two celebrations! Luckily, we were able to join her for both!

Charlotte fell asleep almost instantly in the car on the way to Mana's house.

But when she saw the kids in the pool...

she was ready for action!!

Grandma and Grandpa got the girls some rings in Mexico so they could learn to dive down and get them.
The girls love these rings - as you can see in the photos!
Charlotte and June just liked to hold them but Grace can dive down and retrieve them!

When pool time was over, the men folk hit the kitchen and women folk gathered round the piano....
Sounds crazy, right?
But true story!
Court, Tygh and Dave gave Priscilla what every woman wants on her celebratory day - a day free of planning meals, cooking meals and cleaning up meals. So in turn, I got to celebrate via Priscilla!

Grace and Charlotte LOVE the piano. They haven't taken lessons - but I am looking for someone if anyone knows on anybody!! - but this is their favorite thing to do at Mana's house (after swimming of course!).

The picture below cracks me up because Charlotte is singing - hard!

They turn the pages like they know how to read music. Hysterical!

Oh! And the dresses! I made them!
I think these will be worn a lot this summer because they are great for twirling, comfortable and have pockets! I made Grace's first so Charlotte's turned out a bit better. I had never done buttonholes or piping before so there was a bit of a learning curve for me - but now I feel pretty comfortable with both!

Grace lost interest in the piano long before Charlotte.

Even when the entire family was in the other room, laughing, talking and playing with toys, 
Charlotte 'played' the piano and sang. Our own Billy Joel! Making up her own songs while weaving in portions or phrases from classics like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Rockabye Baby.
When I went to get a video, she came out of her bubble and ran off. 
The spell had been broken.

Meanwhile, Grace and June decided to entertain Great Grandma Jean.

And as this was partly a belated Mother's Day celebration, the girls were determined to find the perfect gift for Great Grandma. Off to Mana's flower garden we go!

Flowers were picked and chosen with great care. 
Then hand delivered to their beloved recipient.

Unfortunately, the flower picking became a bit too vigorous for Mana's liking so they were banned from the garden. 

So I made them princess capes out of their blankets to restore the peace.

While they look miserable in this picture and anything but happy, the capes were a hit I tell you. 

It definitely inspired a sewing project or two (or three) for later this year!

Dinner was served. Dessert was devoured. Dishes were done.

Before we knew it the clock struck 9:30 and Court and I turned into pumpkins. haha
It quickly got late and it was time to head home. 
Happy Birthday Mana!

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