Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Party in the Park

To celebrate the school year coming to an end last week, Grace's teachers held a little get together in the park for all the kids to say one last goodbye!

Grace was beyond excited to see all her friends! 

They all played so well together!

She is smiling at an older boy - Jacob - who attended pre-k at Grace's school. Apparently, they'd become friends. Look at that smile she is giving him!! Says a lot, no?

And where there was Grace, there was her Charlotte shadow!

This cracks me up! A stack of kids in the slide and some big hair!

Grace, her new friend, Jacob, and a few other kids decided to play dinosaur. Dinosaur is basically a game that involves a lot of yelling and screaming and chasing.
It scared Charlotte.
A lot.
Tough Miss Charlotte apparently no so tough!

So she and I did a lot of this...

I did notice Grace and Jacob running around holding hands...
but didn't act fast enough to get a pic in focus.

Dinosaur came to an end as the rain started coming down so Charlotte was eager to rejoin the kids gathered under the playground singing songs on the tire song.

Just like the school year, playtime at the park came to an end much too quickly!
But it makes looking forward to the fall that much sweeter!

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