Thursday, January 17, 2013

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

It's funny but now that the smoke from the holidays has cleared I am finding I have a lot of "down" time. No shopping to do. No cookies to bake. No surprises to wrap.
It's refreshing but it's leaving me feeling a big uneasy.
I almost want to get started on all the holiday stuff for this year so I can try to relieve myself come December 2013. 
I know that no matter how early I start, there will always be things saved until the last minute. 
That is the holiday season.
So instead, we've been playing rounds of Chutes N Ladders and Candy Land. Low temperatures have kept us mainly indoors but we've been braving the cold for short jaunts on the tricycle or little walks. 
For the last six months, Grace's favorite video to watch has been the video of our wedding which we thought was just too funny!
She kept asking why she and Charlotte weren't there!

Her new favorite is the video I made of Grace's first year of life.
I had it linked here to the blog but it appears to not work anymore but I made one for Charlotte too which you can view here

Anyway, it's been a calm week getting back into the swing of things.
School, gymnastics, grocery shopping...

I have several new projects that I am tackling.
Waiting to gather a few supplies and to make some progress before I share.
On the more urgent front of things to get done?
My crafting area still looks like Christmas got this latest bout of flu that is hitting the country hard and vomited wrapping paper, ribbon, tags, decorations, packing peanuts, cardboard name it...all over the place.
It's been frozen in time since Christmas Eve and I just can't bring myself to tackling it just yet.
I think we'll just watch videos of the girls during their know, when they were easy, not mobile, couldn't say no and didn't have an opinion of their own, for a few more days. 
Revel in this down time because I know it won't last long.

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