Sunday, January 6, 2013

Snow, Ski, Sled, Sleigh - Sun Valley

Sun Valley really is a magical place during the holiday season. They do lights like no one else!

Well, except for maybe me if I were to ever hang outside lights!

We kicked off our post-Christmas vacation with our annual sleigh ride and cabin dinner.

And a few pre-sled drinks!
You stay warm!

It was a very cold and very late night.
On the way back they say it hit -1!!

Luckily, the cabin is very cozy and they offer warm soup right away!
You are warm before you know it.

At dinner their were carolers - which Charlotte in particular - LOVED!!

On New Year's Eve we hit the magic carpet with just Grace. We were on the fence about putting her in all-day ski school. Some major sleep issues (as in NO SLEEP!) and some anxiety about Mommy and Daddy leaving helped us come to the conclusion that this wasn't the year for Grace to start. Next year for sure!

We kicked off our NYE celebration with marshmallows around the campfire...and a few falls in the snow! 

Grace likes roasting them but not eating them. 

Charlotte likes eating them. Period. 

Charlotte quickly learned why we kept insisting on gloves.

She likes to learn the hard way!

While all the adults had visions of being in bed well before the clock struck midnight, Grace and Charlotte had other plans.

On the first day of 2013, two big things happened.

1. Charlotte went on the magic carpet and loved it! She hates goggles, gloves and hats but once they are out of the equation, she's ready to roll!

2. Grace mastered the magic carpet! Daddy promised her her own candy bar if she would ski by herself. Without a second to lose, she was off! We have discovered what motivates Miss Grace for sure!! Chocolate!

She couldn't wait to get into the lodge and redeem her reward!!

The lack of sleep began catching up with us - namely me. Not sure what was up with Grace and Charlotte. I took a day off and hung with the girls while Court hit the slopes with his parents. 

The next day we got the girls out on the slopes again. Successful and then took them sledding for the first time!

Sledding brought lots of smiles!

Being out in the cold and active for so long, 
we surely thought we'd turn a corner in the sleeping department 
and knock these girls out withe sheer exhaustion.

This chickee had other plans and they sure didn't involve sleeping! 

Just in time for their cousin, June, to roll into town, we all got sick. But we forged on!

Dinner at the Ram.

I've said it once and I'll say it again.

Followed by the all important, annual photo on the ice throne!
Getting three toddlers to hold still on a chair of freezing ice, late at night, is next to impossible.

Lunch up the Round House via wagon


and gondola. 


All the girls got along so well!
Just wish we hadn't gotten sick and that we could have slept somewhat normally.

It's amazing how on even no sleep these girls just go and go and go.

Especially, this one...boy, oh boy!

While sickness and sleepless nights overshadowed our days in Sun Valley, the good news is that we can finally see the payoff for all of our hard work exposing the girls from an early age. 

Seeing the girls have fun outside in the snow, be successful on their skis, gave us (as parents) the encouragement we needed to keep on trucking.

It isn't easy (or always fun) hauling around endless amounts of gear, getting it all on, sweating your brains out "skating" the kids about the flat areas, only for them to cry, or worse yet, say they want to go inside for a hot cocoa break after one run!
It can be frustrating, time consuming and exhausting.
For the last few years, this has been our reality!
But we've turned a corner and we are on the cusp of the REALLY fun part of outdoor snow sports with these girls!

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