Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hey Baby Let's Go to Vegas!

That's the song they opened the show up to!
Hey, baby let's go to Vegas.
Kiss the single life good bye!


They fooled us because as the music started there was a silhouette of them up on stage so you thought the screen was going to lift and there they'd be.
(BTW Faith's silhouette looks EXACTLY like Barbie's. Except maybe in one area.)

So as I am anxiously waiting for the screen to lift, they entered from the rear (it was a small venue - 1,800 people) and then walked down the aisles to get on stage! Court must have gotten word about this because he cleverly sat me on the aisle where I got to shake both Faith and Tim's hands!

Side note: I absolutely love seeing celebrities in real life! I don't know why. This last time in Sun Valley I saw Cameron Diaz, Christy Turlington (a for real super model!!) and Edward Burns.

(She has braces ya'll and he is a skinny man! A little too skinny if you ask me. I've seen him 3 times before this (never this close) and he's never been this skinny.)

Anyway, the show lasted for an hour and a half and they sang almost the entire time. They stopped to talk only once or twice and they just seem like lovely people. I knew every word to every song so I was  THAT annoying fan. 

Even though it was the second show of the evening, Faith looked a little nervous at she had a little stage fright. It was endearing. Tim, in my opinion, has never looked so comfortable on stage, even in a tight fitting three piece suit. He is funny and seems down to earth. He told us how his dad drove 18 wheelers and that is where he heard and learned about music. (His biological father was Tug McGraw - the baseball player - as we all know.)
(Crazy how he looks like a demon from the dark side without that hat, no?)
Someone in the audience had a sign saying she was from his hometown. After one of his songs, he called her up to the stage. He squatted down and talked to her for awhile and kept doing something to his guitar - but we couldn't see what he was doing.
Turns out, he was autographing his guitar and gave it to the woman in the audience who of course started screaming in excitement! That was cool!

Faith, on the other hand, grew up Baptist in Mississippi. So her first memories of music were at church and of gospel. To which she started belting out gospel tunes - a cappella - like she was Aretha Franklin. 
It was breathtaking. She lacks his stage presence but I am telling you, she. can. sing. 
In fact, I don't think a lot of her songs demonstrate really how good she can sing but to me. It literally blows my mind.

As long as Tim and Faith perform, I will always want to go and see them. 
While the show wasn't exactly what I was expecting - I thought it would be more of them singing together and bantering with the audience and maybe a bit more rowdy after all it was set in Las Vegas - it was a great show and I am so glad we got to go!  

We had our picture taken before the show. Other than that, I really didn't take any pictures while we were in Vegas! 

I did take this picture of their stage before the show but they told us not to take pictures of any kind during the performance. The rule follower that I am followed orders from headquarters - while all around me, people were firing off their camera phones. I REALLY should have broken the rules!

And I did consider purchasing these Tim and Faith Barbie dolls from the gift shop...for our Barbie lover Grace, of course - but at $100 I couldn't justify pulling the trigger!
(See I do have some self-control!)

Meanwhile, Grace and Charlotte were in Boise with my parents. Charlotte was as good as gold and would talk and talk on the phone about all the fun she was having. Grace, on the other hand, came down with a NASTY cold and cried - to put it mildly - a lot. 
She missed me and she made that known. Every phone call was filled with sobs.

I sent my mom some pictures so that Grace could be assured that I was indeed still alive and hopefully put her mind at ease.

But looking at the photos now, good God! I can see why the poor thing was in hiccuping sobs for two days! 

I sent her pictures of scary mommy!

But the two days went by fast, like-click-your-heels-and-your-home-fast and we were home before we knew it!
Back to reality.
Back to a sick kid and another on the way.
Back to two sicks kids and Mommy close behind.
Back to two sick kids and two sick parents!

I really should have slept more in Vegas!!

Speaking of not sleeping, we finally watched the latest James Bond movie in our hotel room.
I LOVED Casino Royale. Thought it was the best Bond movie of all time. The second Bond movie with Daniel Craig as Bond was horrible. Probably the worst Bond movie of all time. So I was very excited about Skyfall because it had gotten SOOOOO much praise.
I thought it absolutely stunk! Anyone else agree?

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