Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Merry me!

I know Christmas was almost a month ago but it still feels a bit like Christmas in these parts.
In part due to frigid one digit temperatures - both above AND below zero - but mostly because my Christmas gift is getting cashed in this week!! Friday night to be exact!

My most wonderful husband got us tickets to see Tim and Faith 
in Las Vegas!!!
And my most wonderful parents agreed to watch the girls 
so we could make a go at feeling young again! (aka stay up past 10 pm!)

I love Tim and Faith.

What's not to love?

Good music. Easy on the eyes. 
They prioritize their family.

Check. Check. Check.

I can't imagine being able to carry a tune let along sing publicly where people would pay money to come hear me. What a dream! And then to be able to do it with your husband?!?
I mean, could it get any better?

An amazing gift that I am beyond excited about 
and so grateful for the lengths Court went to arrange it all!

Now, if he could only arrange for me to have Faith's leg then it really would be a perfect gift!

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Megan @Me & Wee said...

Awesome!!! I've only seen Tim in concert and he's so great. What a wonderful gift! It's funny; I was ogling her legs and then read your line about wanting her legs...LOL. How does she make them look like poles? Mine get all wide at the thigh. Hmmm. :)