Saturday, September 22, 2012

One of These "Kids" Just Doesn't Belong Here

Court called me into Grace's room the other night.

When I walked in, this is all I saw.
Grace's MO.
Lots of blankets followed by a ridiculous amount of stuff animals, toys and books piled high wide.
To the point you don't think she'll be able to find a spot for herself to sleep.

I fought this battle - tried to get all the toys and animals out of her bed (figured the books can stay...yay reading!) - but clearly I lost.

(At this point in the game, she could be sleeping in a tank full of sharks and as long 
as she sleeps through the night and wakes up alive, I am pretty much cool with it.)

I digress. 

Court kept giving me a big, goofy grin so I figured there must be an owl loose in the house...again.

He told me to look closer. So I did. 

Apparently, she makes room for real animals too! 

Lucky Pup IS lucky pup! 

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