Thursday, September 27, 2012

Doctor, Doctor. Give Me the News!

After an hour wait, we finally headed back to see the doctor.
It was a looong hour in that waiting room!

Charlotte was weighed, measured, examined and NOT poked!!
No immunizations this visit but both girls DID get the flu shot...or shall I say the nose drip?!
No shot. Just some fluid sprayed up their nose.
Both were hesitant. Both were brave.
And believe it or not, Grace was EXTREMELY chatty with the doctor.

Excuse me doctor.
Charlotte is two. And she likes babies.
We had pink and black cupcakes.
That's a 'stefoscope'.
My heart is right here. (Points to her shoulder)
This is her bebo (belly button).

QUITE chatty which is not characteristic of Grace - or hasn't been. Maybe she's turning a leaf and discovering her inner social butteryfly?

We actually got out of the doctor's office with no tears and no {major} tantrums.

For my memory.
34.5" tall
26.5 lbs
49 1/4 cm head circumference

Healthy and happy!

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