Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Meet the Teacher {2012}

Today was "Meet the Teacher" day at Grace's new school.
And a certain someone was SUPER excited!

She picked out her outfit all by herself.

And made sure she had on her pink sparkle shoes...with socks!
I'll explain the "blister" incident that led to Grace wearing socks with ALL shoes in another post soon!

Even though she didn't need to bring her new backpack, she wanted to practice hanging it up in her very own cubby!
She even packed it with two little pink bunnies and her current favorite toy, Bun-Bun The Bunny!
I'll have to get a picture of Bun-Bun.

Another certain someone wasn't so sure about this whole school thing.
Nonetheless, she packed her bag too.

I think this picture is the one that will be burned into my mind. 
Her backpack bigger than her, the excitement she couldn't contain as she sprinted to the car - anxious to  get to school.

The mandatory picture outside the school.

Finding her name tag.

Discovering just some of the many treasures that await!

Charlotte joined us and SHE.LOVED.SCHOOL!

As the kids settled into the classroom and discovered toys and books to play with, the parents were to escape to another classroom to get the 411 on policies and procedures.
Grace was engrossed in a doll house and Charlotte a puzzle.
I called to Charlotte to come with me and she just kept waving and saying, "Bye Bye!"
She definitely had NO problem with me leaving.
The teachers told me she was just fine to stay with the "big" kids so she played while I learned about sick days and school calendars.

A fun thing I had planned in October already has to be cancelled because of a school commitment.
And so it it begins.

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