Wednesday, September 26, 2012

And in the Blink of an Eye...

She's two!

Talking. Independent. Loves to sing.
Still uses a binky and requests bubbas.
Swims like a mermaid under the water.
Takes a solid two hour nap every afternoon and wakes at 7 am on the dot.
Cries when we drop off Grace at school. 
Not because she misses Grace but because she wants to go to school too.
Loves baby dolls and animals - particularly dogs and cats. 
Has the funniest facial expression and definitely works the "puppy dog eyes"!
She is now wearing clothes that Grace wore when Charlotte was born.
A clear indication that time is definitely not standing still.
Most days I can't believe she is only two. She acts much older.
On the other hand, it's hard to believe that two years can go by that fast!!

I tried to get a few pics of Charlotte by her tree but she wouldn't cooperate.
Might I add stubborn to her list of traits above?


We made cupcakes for her birthday treat. She specifically requested sprinkles!

Don't tell Court, but I let Charlotte lick the batter!

She loved it. And wanted more. 

Naturally, I obliged to the birthday girl's wants and wishes!

Charlotte's request for dinner was pasta so we had a quiet little dinner at home.
Then we hit the lights, lit the candles and sang happy birthday!
Charlotte was ecstatic and managed to blow out her candles by herself!
I can't believe I didn't get any pictures!

Then, it was gift time!
I was super excited to find hot air balloon wrapping paper as Charlotte's birthday party is a hot air balloon theme!
(More on the party and theme later!)

Grace couldn't resist helping open the gift.

But once it was unwrapped, Charlotte knew just what to do!

This year I decided to make a gift for Charlotte. 
I found a pattern for a dollhouse tote. Inside the house, lives a little girl who loves to sleep and dress in pretty clothes.
What little girl wouldn't love something like this, right?

The patterns for the dollhouse and doll can be found here!
If you get a chance, you should check out her blog. She takes THE most beautiful pictures!

A few pictures of how it turned out!

I made only a couple of changes to the pattern.
I put on a velcro closure instead of a ribbon so that Charlotte wouldn't constantly be asking me to tie the house closed.
And I also put velcro on the backs of some of the clothes - instead of snaps - so that Charlotte would be able to do it herself!

Charlotte got right to work "dressing" her "baby!"

When Charlotte woke up this morning, I found her playing with her doll house in her bed. 
It was a hit!
Thank God! It took me FOREVER to make!

Happy Birthday Sweet Charlotte!

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Charla Anne said... turned out soo cute! I am glad she is enjoying it:) I'm sure she will treasure it for the rest of her life. Thanks so much for sending me the link.